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Deniz Aydoslu


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I offer experiential workshops and healing ceremonies to help you release and heal so that you can find your purpose and power. I use a variety of tools and modalities in my work, including somatics, yoga, dance, breathing journeys, intuitive voicework, psycho-shamanic transformation work, connecting with nature, mindfulness, sound healing, focusing, somatic experiencing, guided inner journeys, and medicine music.

Fire Ceremonies

Are you ready to release the past and start a process of deep transformation? Cultures across the world have been using the transformative power of fire to release, celebrate, and rebirth. During a Fire Ceremony, we set a conscious intention to release something (a pattern, person, circumstance, belief, insecurity, way of thinking, the past, …) so that we move forward with more authenticity, confidence, love, and joy. My fire ceremonies are a guided process that includes intention setting,  breathwork, dancing, naked fire bathing, voice work, and medicine songs. In the alchemy of the fire, we allow ourselves to be cleansed, transformed, and reborn.

Opening of the Heart

Medicine Music

Somatic Yoga
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Read what others have to say ...

Thank you!!! I am super interested in working with the mind and emotions through Yoga and will definitely use it in my own work. But also for myself: I have always struggled with depression and the whole covid situation made it worse and I've been experiencing high levels of anxiety. Your course and book have helped me understand whats going on and how I can tailor my Yoga practice according to my symptoms. Thank you.​
Yoga Teacher
​I am so happy that I took this course and read Deniz' book! I got so much more knowledge and new insights about depression and anxiety. The sequences and exercises are very accessible and so enjoyable! I've been applying the practices with my patients---I'm a physiotherapist---and I notice that they help my patients on a deeper level. So I can definitely recommend this course and book to anyone who works with patients.
What a great book! It's for sure written by someone who knows what struggling with life is. This book is a guide and a teacher. I recommend this book to everyone who struggles with the purpose of life, who is feeling depressed or afraid of doing what feels good. I also recommend this book to yoga teachers who want to support their students in a deeper yogic way.
Mom of Three & Yoga Studio Owner
This book exceeded any expectations I could have had. As someone who has suffered from depression in the past and turned toward yoga in emerging adulthood to address some of the pain that was arising, I can only imagine how supportive this book would have been at the time. Overall, I haven't seen anything like this in the realm of spirituality and psychology. It's a book, workbook, journey, and map for connecting with the self. Will read again and definitely recommend : )
Yoga Therapist
A much-needed clear head and wise, grounded female voice - a delight for both brain and body. Deniz’s clear, grounded, and wise voice is a tonic - a golden thread of hope - in a world shaken by spiritual bypassing, fear, and uncertainty. She lovingly yet firmly integrates the shadow and the light in this beautiful, embodied approach to healing some of our deepest sufferings. For anyone looking for a smart, well-explained approach to depression and anxiety that de-mystifies somatic and spiritual work while also being grounded in the reality of our human experience and our connection with the earth, this is your book. Deniz is a noteworthy teacher to follow!
Scientist & Coach
What I appreciated the most is how clear and to the point it is. When it comes to yoga books things can get watery or wishy washy fast. Here it feels at times poetic, while staying concrete. I'm terms of the practices, I've just started but am already finding them highly beneficial so far.
YACEP Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider