Yoga for Mental Health

Free Training: Teach Yoga for Mental Health

Have you been teaching yoga for a while and do you love guiding your students into that deeper place of connection and inner calm?

You’ve seen the deeply therapeutic benefits of yoga and mindfulness practice when it comes to your own and your students’ mental health.

At the same time, your practice−and life experience−have shown you that you can’t meditate your way out of trauma and that some problems require down-to-earth and more therapeutic solutions.

You’re passionate about helping others because you’ve been there too.

Learning about emotional well-being has been the red thread throughout your life.

It’s what makes you love working with the body, study energetics, and understand the nervous system.

It’s what draws you to contemplative practices like meditation and finding deeper levels of peace and inner light.

Now you'd love to learn more about how to make your yoga classes even more therapeutic−and in particular serve students who feel stressed, are burnt out, or experience anxiety or depression.

You want to learn more about what practices work best for different mental health challenges.

Maybe you’re curious about what happens at the level of the nervous system, and in the chakras, if that can help you understand and serve your students better.

You’d love to learn and get feedback on how to best sequence your classes.

You’ve noticed how some students find it hard to really drop into their practice and go deep.

Instead of relaxing, they seem to get fidgety and bored.

Or they get tired and skip poses, start doing their own thing, or even leave the room.

Perhaps you’ve had students who started crying and you weren’t quite sure what to do with that.

And in spite of all the suffering, you've noticed that especially students who've struggled with their mental health are so open and ready to explore their own being-ness and find a deeper connection in the heart.

That’s why you love serving students who are struggling−because there is so much beauty there!

If this is you, or some of this strikes a chord, I invite you to join our FREE Teach Yoga for Mental Health mini-training.

Perhaps you’re ready to niche-down and become a Yoga for Mental Health Teacher.

Teach Yoga for Mental Health

Teach Yoga for Mental Health

Teach Yoga for Mental Health

Join us for this free 3-part training today.

This is a very special opportunity to upscale your qualifications and to step into becoming a mental health aware yoga teacher and professional.